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"No matter where you are on your sales career journey, I would highly recommend that you keep Dave Benson's book "100 Days Of Sales Greatness" close by!" 
David Balestri - Executive Coach
Author: Dave Benson
17 Years In Automotive Sales, Sales Training & Serial Entrepreneur
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Selling = Persuasion

Persuasion = Influence

Influence = Helping Others Get What They Want

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"Proof That '100 Days Of Sales Greatness' Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Businesses And Lives Of Countless Sales People Around The World! 
This book is not as such a book, but more a cheat sheet on which phrases and words you need to use, and which you should leave behind to master the sales game.
Dave Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
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No matter where you are on your sales career journey I would highly recommend that you keep Dave Benson's book "100 Days of Sales Greatness" close by! 

This is more than just another sales book, it is a training manual that will coach you into the language of sales. 

I would suggest that every sales manager buy a book for each of their staff and use it as a training resource for their team to help them reach new heights of performance and profit!  

David Balestri
"Executive Coach"
Cam Roberts
Leading Business Growth Strategist and Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant. #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Multi-Award Winning Business Owner and Podcaster
"Dave's book 100 Days Of Greatness is a must read for any salesperson or business owner that wants to discover how much money they've been leaving on the table and sales they have not been closing. 

If you want to Double or Triple your sales - you must read this book!"
Andrew Hood
"Real Estate Expert"
A resource every salesperson should have! 

I have known Dave Benson for over 10 years and his passion to equip and train salespeople to their full potential is infectious. 

Whether you are starting out in sales, or have many years of selling under your belt, you can ALL take valuable lessons from the experience and years of wisdom here in this book.
I have had many trainers over my 17 years in the sales industry and have found Dave to be one of the most honest and hardworking trainers I have been associated with.
His 100 Days of Sales Greatness book is a great read and has many great attributes and lessons in it that can not only be used for your sales career, but also your life in general! I believe this is the biggest benefit from reading this book.
Make your life and career a success and read this book everyday!
Great work DAVE BENSON!
Troy Te Nana
General Manager - Automotive Sales
Craig Harry
"Perth's Most Innovative Sales Manager"
This book is straight, to-the-point, clear information that will benefit any sales professional.

Dave’s knowledge of the “Language of Sales” is nothing short of incredible – not only has he seen what works, but
he has experienced it himself. 

Take the challenge today, you’ll soon become successful in sales and life.
I believe investing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts, Dave Benson’s book was more than a great gift. 

A must read for anyone in selling real estate, cars, or finance. 

Beyond inspirational and life changing!
Paul Black
"Real Estate Director"
Henry Burgoyne
"Real Estate Entrepreneur"
Dave Benson is a true believer in all business people and their dreams, as he has been there for me from Day 1 as a supporter.

This book is perfect for those who are either starting out or established in sales. 

It’s the perfect read for anyone that needs that push to just follow their dreams and make more sales! 

There are so many useful phrases for people to use! 

No matter the industry, we all have the ability to pick up Dave's book and start to literally put words into actions! 

10/10 in my opinion!
100 Days of Sales Greatness is fantastic! 

With years of sales experience and a strong desire to help his readers, Dave not only gives you the tools you need to succeed but he gives you something not a lot of trainers can give you, a sense of encouragement and dedication. 

100 Days of Sales Greatness is something I would recommend to any Sales professional seeking a quick tip or a complete career revamp!
Liam Fox
"Young Gun"
David Brummell
"Managing Director / Serial Entrepreneur"
Dave’s approach to sales training transcends all areas of life.
Over the last 10 years, he has taught me how to live a larger, more successful life as an entrepreneur. 

By utilizing his strategies and coaching I have been able to successfully navigate challenges, close larger deals and communicate with confidence. 

If you want a book that gets straight to point and equips you with vocabulary to be at the top of your game, then this is the book for you! 
Dave Benson! what a champion! 

I'd been in sales for over 14 years and I thought I knew it all, but when I met Dave, things just blossomed for me. Someone's always going to have a better phrase and I think that Dave's 100 phrases in this book just sums up each and every one of them.

By asking the question a different way it just creates that curiosity for the customer that's buying without even knowing as we've drawn them into a sales rhythm.

If you're in retail, a entrepreneur, car sales, network marketing, MLM, or anyone who just wants to sell instead of being sold to needs to read this book!

I'm going to read it again now!

 Thanks to Dave's book the pain points that sales people have day to day you can overcome them! That is incredible!
Read this book and you will absolutely get massive benefits from it.

Pjero Mardesic
Entrepreneur / Personal Trainer
I really enjoyed the structure and flow of this book. It breaks down the sales process into simple, daily bite-size chunks that can be implemented into any sales process. 

I found tips and tricks transferable across many sales roles.

 100 days of Sales Greatness reinforces that selling is a learnt skill, requiring continual improvement no matter how long you have been doing it. 
Nathan Smith
Director at Birdie Wealth
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